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Outlaw Animation by Jerry Beck tells the history of the legendary Spike and Mike Animation Festivals, of which we have quite often been a part.  Page 84 is especially awesome...

This edition of Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation has our film "The Cat, the Cow and the Beautiful Fish" alongside Bill Plympton's "How to Make Love to a Woman" and such other Spike and Mike staples as "Lloyd Loses His Lunch" and "No Neck Joe".

This 1998 offering from Manga Entertainment features two films by Evil Cat Land: "The Happy Moose" and "Attack of the Hungry, Hungry Nipples" alongside films by Bill Plympton, Mike Grimshaw and Eric Fogel.


Over the years people kept asking us to put our old films on DVD, so, fine, here they are: The original "Jean Jean and the Evil Cat" (the one Graham Chapman introduced to the world); "The Happy Moose" (starring Jake LaMotta as The Raging Bull); "Pussy Da Red Nosed Reindeer" (which Korn included as part of their "Sick & Twisted Tour" in 2000); along with three other early, crappy and obnoxious cartoons:

Jean Jean and the Evil Cat (1987)
The Cat, the Cow and the Beautiful Fish (1992)
The Evil Cat Does Washington (1994)
The Happy Moose (1995)
Attack of the Hungry Hungry Nipples (1997)
Pussy Da Red Nosed Reindeer (2000)

(Please note the disc is a DVD-R with our own packaging, NTSC only)

$7.00 US (postage included) for orders within the United States
$10.00 US (postage included) for international orders (remember, the DVD is NTSC only)

To order, send an e-mail to and go to Paypal to send payment to that e-mail address. As soon as payment has been received, your DVD will be shipped.

Published by Continuum Press, this animation guide by Evil Cat Land founder Walter Santucci provides instruction for creating animation on your own without mainstream support, as well as guidance for navigating the world of distributors, contracts and producers once you are finished.


Animation: Genre and Authorhop is a scholarly work by Paul Wells that, for some reason, treats our films with respect.



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